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Healing nature through people.

Healing people through nature.

The Regenesis Project is trailblazing regenerative models of inhabiting the earth so that both humans and nature co-flourish.

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We are the FIRST
Ecosystem Restoration Camp
in the Philippines.

(The 3rd in Asia, and 38th in the world.)

We are part of a global network of LIVING LABS that are experimenting and innovating on the best ecosystem practices in each locale so their learnings can be shared with the rest of the world.


Interested to learn more about our camp's aspirations?

Beyond sustainability. 
Everything we do is REGENERATIVE.

We are more than just planting trees.

We are re-thinking and transforming ALL aspects of how we humans live on earth so that everything we do from here onwards leaves a POSITIVE ecological and social impact.


Growing food in a way that INCREASES soil health, not degrades it


Moving from low impact tourism to POSITIVE impact tourism

Regenerative Enterprises

Moving from industries that extract to industries that REPLENISH.

Regenerative Design and Development

From energy efficient to CLIMATE POSITIVE (net sequestration)

Nature-based Education

Nurturing minds AND hearts, with NATURE as the classroom.

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In the summer heat, we welcomed the cool

Bamboo plays a KEY role in our restoration efforts.

And to fully maximize its REGENERATIVE potential, we cover the whole bamboo life cycle from seed to product. And seed to structure.


Interested to buy or plant high quality bamboo seedlings?

Interested to take part in a truly unique and rewarding experience?

Join one of our
special event camps.

Want to camp under the full moon? Celebrate World Bamboo Day through a bamboo "immersion"? Practice sunrise yoga with incredible views? All the while learning about earth restoration and giving back to nature? Join our next camp!

Every month we organize theme-based camping events that combine FUN with PURPOSE.

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Or have the place all to yourself!

If you'd like to bond with your own tribe, you can also book an exclusive camping experience with us and we'll take care of the rest!

Book a private camp.

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