Camp for a Cause.



Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC) is a growing movement of global volunteers that are working together to repair broken ecosystems at large scale through camps around the world. Currently, there are 38 camps healing a diverse array of biomes and ecosystems from tropical and temperate forests, deserts, to mangrove forests and agro-ecologies.

We are so honored to join this movement as the FIRST camp in the Philippines and only the THIRD in Asia. By joining a global collaborative network of LIVING LABORATORIES where locals and volunteers actively innovate, put to practice, validate, measure, monitor, and refine, not only can we share our learnings with each other but also with the rest of the world so that more can follow this path towards planetary healing.

"Camp In A Way That Leaves The Place better Than It Was Before."

Embark on a unique camping adventure as you hike through lesser known and picturesque trails and arrive at one of the most scenic destinations in Bohol - 270 degree views of both Carmen and Sagbayan Chocolate Hills, rolling hillsides, beautiful sunsets, and if you’re lucky, a spectacular sea of clouds at the break of dawn!
In addition to the experience of raw, natural beauty, you will also have the opportunity to participate in protecting and restoring our local landscapes to leave it even better than how you found it.

Our commitment is to give our campers an authentic and beautiful experience while on our larger mission to protect and regenerate our surrounding land and communities.

Keep posted for upcoming scheduled trips.