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How it started

The Regenesis Project was founded by a Filipina Architect and nature-lover, Marianne Amores Dutta, and was born out of a life-long dream and personal mission.

2011: A boycott of the profession

Shortly after graduating Magna cum Laude and topping the Architecture Board Licensure Examination, Marianne stepped away from her profession, disillusioned with industry's superficial and inadequate commitment to sustainability.

2012: From architect to national systems strategist 

She left the Philippines and moved to Singapore and worked at The Building Construction Authority , where she played a pivotal role in developing pioneering national roadmaps, standards, and training programs for the built environment industry.

In her spare time, Marianne immersed herself in studying sustainability, ecology, and regenerative agriculture, seeking a framework that surpassed conventional sustainability. She also earned a Master's in Integrated Sustainable Design from the National University of Singapore.

2014: A moment of clarity

During a night of profound reflection, Marianne experienced a significant moment of insight that shaped her vision. This inspiration became the foundation for The Regenesis Project, which is now her life-long mission and legacy.

2018: Ground zero

After years of developing what would become a framework for Regenerative Development, her parents alerted her of a beautiful 17 hectare piece of property in Carmen, Bohol, Philippines. She immediately saw it as the perfect foundational site—a living laboratory where these concepts would come to life.

2021: The Launch

The Regenesis Project launched on June 5, 2021, coinciding with the start of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Amid the pandemic, it hosted its first Ecosystem Restoration Camp and joined the global Ecosystem Restoration Community network, becoming the first in the Philippines and the third in Asia.

2023: Influencing multiple industries and policy

Along the way, the team innovated and pioneered regenerative models across multiple industries, including bamboo, tourism, and the built environment. . After presenting their approach to Bohol's provincial government, it was integrated into a 10-year development plan via an Executive Order in July 2023.

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Our vision of the world.
To return mankind to the Garden of Eden: A world where humans are reconciled with God, nature, themselves, and each other. A world that no longer needs saving.


To create the largest and most powerful network of communities, projects, industries, and systems that collectively create a new paradigm of inhabiting the earth.


The Framework

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Everything we do starts with regenerating nature and communities with the vision of ever-increasing HEALTH and RESILIENCE of Living Systems over time.


Identify degraded land and discover the "story of place"

Restore local Ecosystems



Create Regenerative



Re-establish human



Track health and resilience of living systems over time

Fixing the Systems, not just the Symptoms.

Restoration isn’t enough. If we want long-lasting change, we need to create new systems that render the old obsolete.



Instead of fighting existing paradigms, we transform the same systems that caused degradation to become the catalyst for healing and regeneration, with the local community at the heart of all efforts.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Address Human drivers

Transform Industries & Economies

Create a collaborative field

SDG Goals
through the lens of
The Regenesis Project

Halt & reverse degradation 

We believe a holistic and integrated approach to the SDG Goals fosters greater systemic change rather than tackling each SDG in silo.

Our Manifesto

Expanding our Influence: The First Regenerative Island
In two short years since our launching, our framework has now become Province-wide policy.

Hailing from the island of Bohol, Philippines, The Regenesis Project now serves as the Think Tank guiding the province towards regenerative transformation. As the key orchestrator, our founder is leading the charge in creating a blueprint for a future where ecological and community resilience thrive.

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