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Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) conducts Environmental Regenerative Seminar

10 Jul 2023

Charting a Sustainable Future: Bohol's Journey towards Regenerative Development
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The Provincial Government of Bohol conducted a two-day seminar-workshop on regenerative development from July 11 to 12, 2023, at the New Capitol Building.

Various stakeholders in tourism, education, agriculture, livelihood, and policy-making came together to learn about regenerative development, an approach recognizing the importance of healthy ecological systems, and aligning all policies that address environmental degradation happening in Bohol.

During the two-day workshop, Regenesis Project founder Architect Marianne Therese Dutta, lectured on regenerative development and how it can impact Bohol’s ecosystem.

Attendees of the event created a 10-year Regenerative Roadmap, facilitated by Dutta, as Bohol aims to be the first Regenerative Island in the Philippines and possibly the first in the world.

Dutta emphasized the importance of re-aligning the province’s priorities to be more environmentally conscious, saying the seminar aims to acquaint stakeholders on the significance of regenerative development and its efforts to revitalize natural resources through restorative and environmentally-conscious practices in line with Bohol Island’s designation as the first UNESCO-designated Global Geopark in the Philippines.

The resource speaker added that Bohol has to be adaptable to the environmental changes caused by the climate crisis and create a conscious effort to address ecological issues, such as land degradation, water insecurity, and depleting biodiversity, through engaging stakeholders with regenerative activities.

On its second day, an evaluation was conducted on the attendees’ outputs for the 10-year Roadmap and the six-months’ plan to make sure they align with the Regenerative Development Concept.

This effort is part of the Strategic Change Agenda on Environmental Sustainability, led by Governor Aris Aumentado and Vice Governor Dionisio Victor Balite. (PIMO/GMC)

In a Nutshell

  • Bohol Government's regenerative development seminar held on July 11-12, 2023.

  • Diverse stakeholAumentado and Vice Governor Baliteal degradation.

  • Architect Marianne Dutta led discussions on regenerative practices.

  • Attendees crafted a 10-year Regenerative Roadmap for Bohol.

  • Emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainability.

  • Evaluation of outputs for alignment with regenerative principles.

  • Led by Governor Aumentado and Vice Governor Balite for environmental sustainability.

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